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Over at The Carnival in My Head Kathy Escobar talks about the body of believers she’s involved with in Colorado – called The Refuge. At times she rightly laments the fact that they are barely making ends meet, month to month – because they’re a community embracing people on the margins – societal and “church societal” rejects, so to speak. I decided that I want to support The Refuge because I love what they’re doing. It got me thinking about money and the church. Suppose The Refuge started to get a huge influx of funds from people like me – since this is all on the www, it could happen. I wondered whether having lots of money would get them off track from loving and serving forgotten, marginalized people. Would they start  trying to find ways to spend the money on “stuff”? Can an abundance of money actually corrupt the body of Christ? Okay, this isn’t a really profound idea, but it worries me big time to think of how Western churches spend their money. How can we justify spending millions on new buildings when there are people in our big cities living in poverty, not to mention people on the other side of the world dying of starvation?

And how is it decided where the money will be spent? If big donors have a particular “slant”, will this be an influence? That gets me wondering whether it’s possible that people whom God calls to be pastors might actually end up being politicians, trying to placate the most influential, wealthy members of their congregation. God help us if this ends up being the case.


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