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That rolls off the tongue nicely, doesn’t it? You might be wondering, “how can someone be born again again?” I’m glad you asked! Maybe I should try rephrasing it. Recently I had an experience that, in the natural, could easily have ended in my funeral. But because God was there, protecting me, I’m still here – and pretty much intact, to boot! I know God could have taken me home, but He chose not to. As a result, I feel like I’ve been snatched from the grave, born again again – and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude, simply because I’m alive.

This has an amazing way of instantly putting life in perspective. Things that were consuming me with worry before my incident suddenly seem trite, insignificant, really not worth focusing on. Hurt feelings, emotional struggles, difficult relationships, all melt away next to the sobering realization that I’m so blessed to be alive, to have people who genuinely care about me – to be really well provided for and loved.

The other thing I’ve come away from my “close call” with is a rekindled fire in my heart to care about what God cares about, and to live my life accordingly. I’m not talking about some sort of mental assent or new-found determination to be “a better person”. I mean that the lense through which I see life, through which I see my own existence, has changed radically – and pretty much instantly. I find myself wondering, “how can I turn a blind eye to the immense suffering in the world when I am so extravagantly blessed in every way?” and, “God must have spared me for a reason – He must have plans to use me, things for me to do.”

This is where I’ve longed to live for ages. I find a huge sense of freedom in realizing that life is fragile and fleeting. God really is in control, not me. He can take me home at any time. I’m here for a purpose, and it’s not about gratifying my own selfish desires. There is a higher calling! Somewhat paradoxically, I don’t feel afraid of death any more. I feel excited about life, about this adventure with Jesus. When He’s ready to take me home, I’ll be ready to go.


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